About the Festival

Residency being taught by Ted Levy in 2016

**Class registration and event tickets for the 2017 festival are now available online. Full details are under “Tap Festival” in the main menu.**

**Accommodation with special pricing only available until July 25, 2017. There are only a few rooms left so get bookin’!**

Recognized as one of the premier events of its kind, the Vancouver Tap Dance Festival history is one of dedication to the wonderment of the art form. So many stories of how wishes, dreams, and hopes have been realized with renowned dancers, appreciative students, and a supportive community.

The Vancouver Tap Dance Festival is a three to four-day event that encompasses a range of different activities:

  1. A variety of tap dance classes taught by international award-winning faculty
  2. Two show-stopping performances by the world’s tap masters
  3. Conferences to inspire and educate the community
  4. In the past, we have had dinner cruise ship events, trips to Gabriola Island, and many more unique experiences!
Dormeshia Edwards, Jason Samuels Smith, and Derick Grant performing And Still You Must Swing in 2016

If you have not had the opportunity to see tap dance performed by masters of the art form, you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime treat. New audience members frequently say: “I never knew tap dance could be like this!”

Everyone at the Vancouver Tap Dance Society knows how special tap dance is and how fun it can be, and our festival takes that passion to a whole new level.

With masterful tap dance artists from around the world teaching at our festival, our participants are given a truly unique and extraordinary experience.

Save the dates for our 2017 festival! August 25th, 26th, and 27th.

“The festival is recognized worldwide for its innovative approach to programming and presen­tations. We take risks, present wholly developed shows, provide new works to be developed, and commission work, which has all been well received and has had artistic merit. An objective of the festival is to create a crucible for artistic growth and a vision to animate a dance community. The festival has a rich landscape of artists from North America contribute to the 50 master classes, 2 performances, and jazz/tap jam sessions, and offering uniquely valued social and network opportunities.”

– Sas Selfjord, Producer