Has La La Land Made Tap Dance Even Cooler?

La La Land, a movie musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, has attracted many eyes over the past few weeks. The film features a jazz-loving musician and aspiring actress who fall in love in Los Angeles. More importantly, however, the movie includes a variety of tap dance numbers and tributes to classic routines! Having two well-known Hollywood stars tap dancing has certainly caught the attention of the people of Vancouver. These light-hearted and easy-to-learn steps have been bringing people into the VanTap studio, ready to try tap dance out for themselves.

Videos teaching people the choreography to the song “A Lovely Night” have attracted hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. Some videos have even headlined “Tap Dancing is Back in Style”. Well, we believe it never left, but the film has inspired people to get back into tap, whether they are novice or returning dancers. Since we are a non-profit dedicated to developing an awareness of tap dance, this newfound interest is welcomed with open arms!

What do you think? Has the movie made you even more excited about tap dancing? Leave a comment below and fill in our poll!


TapCo is performing everywhere!

Our TapCo Performing Group has been sharing their passion with over 100,000 students across the Lower Mainland since the program began, and this year is no exception. In our 45-minute show, “Just In Time,” this talented ensemble of dancers, ages 12 to 17, pay tribute to the masters of tap and presenting cutting-edge rhythm tap. TapCo has performed at seven different schools since the beginning of 2017, including:

  • Clayton Elementary
  • Seaforth Elementary
  • Irwin Park Elementary
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary
  • York House Junior School
  • David Oppenheimer Elementary

With many more school performances on the horizon and recommendations for high-profile events, it is turning out to be a very exciting year for TapCo!

If you’re interested in booking our TapCo performance group, click here for more information.

The VanTap Mini Showcase!

This weekend, our large studio was filled with parents who were eager to see what their kids have learned over the past few months.

Due to December’s crazy weather, we had to cancel our Tap Into Winter Showcase, but we are nothing if not resourceful! During our Mini Showcase weekend, parents were able to watch their dancers perform while sipping a cup of tea or hot chocolate and getting to know one another. There were many proud faces in the room, and with a turnout of over 100 parents in the Mini Showcases, we can safely say that our cozy events were a success!

We will be holding a Spring Showcase in April of this year, so stay tuned for more updates.

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