About the Program

8f19bfdd-bb4b-4d66-946a-0cd8e3ddcd1fWe have bins and bins of tap shoes!

Our Outreach Program introduces the student to the rudiments of tap dance in a fun and safe environment, introducing youth to the joys of tap dance. Classes are generally 45-60 minutes in length and we recommend each student receive 3-5 consecutive weekly classes. VanTap will facilitate several sessions in one day allowing several classes to benefit from our program.

This class is an excellent arts and cultural activity for youth while exploring rhythms and making music with their feet.

The cost for weekly sessions is $100.00 per class and it includes a qualified instructor, quality tap shoes and appropriate music.  We can accommodate up to 25-30 per class. Generally, we have sufficient tap shoe sizes to fit everyone.

We are now accepting reservations from schools to book our outreach program for January 2017-June 2017.

This program has been successfully delivered to Kitsilano Secondary, Queen Elizabeth, Thunderbird, Hastings, Tillicum, to name a few, also Children’s Festival, PNE and neighbourhood houses.

For booking information, please contact the office at tapinfo@vantapdance.com. Tap dance is fun, very percussive- everyone loves it once they try it!

Please keep VanTap in mind when you are considering activities in your school.