Tuition and Fees

2017 – 18 Tuition and Fees
  • Early Bird: Register by August 1st, 2018, and you’ll receive 5% discount on tuition (monthly or one-time), and no registration fee ($25).
  • Family discount: Receive 5% off when you register more than one student.
  • Payment discountReceive 10% off when you pay in a One-time Installment. Talk to the office for details.

Classes run once per week until June 22, 2019, with the exception of some holidays. See our Calendar of Events 2018-19 for details.

Monday Adult Choreography Classes, Tuesday Adult Classes and Youth classes require enrollment for the full year September 2018 – June 2019.

Monday Adult Drop-In Classes are on a drop-in, no commitment basis term, ending June 2018.

*Next intake period is September 2019

  Monthly One-Time
Youth Recreational Classes
3 – 4 years
30 minutes
$30 $270
5 – 6 years
45 minutes
$45 $405
60 minutes
$60 $540
Competitive Program
Mini Comp Choreo, Technique + Conditioning
90 minutes
$100 $900
Junior, Inter A, Inter B + Senior Choreography
60 minutes
$65 $585
Junior, Inter A, Inter B + Senior Technique + Conditioning
75 minutes each
$80 $720
Competition Entry Fees $85 / Competition for Solos
$100 Minis

$150 Junior, Inter A, Inter B + Senior
Competition Costume Fees $135 deposit, up to $25 more billed upon purchase
Solo, Duo + Trio Choreography Fees Inquire with the office
Pre-TapCo + TapCo Elite Performance Ensemble
120 minutes
$120 $1080
180 minutes
$180 $1620
Tap Artistry
120 minutes
$130 $1170
Adult Classes Drop-In Monthly
45 minute class $15 $50
60 minute class $20 $65
75 minute class N/A $85
90 minute class N/A $100
1 hour class $75
Additional Fees Monthly One-Time
Membership/ Registration Fee $25.00
Youth Tap Shoe Rental10 months $3 $30
Adult Tap Shoe Rental10 months $4.50 $45
Costume Fee (youth classes only) $50

Please read the fine print! 

  1. Monthly tuition is made up of 10 equal payments. These payments are equal because they are based on your total tuition for the season — they do not reflect the exact number of classes in a month!
  2. The first month’s tuition is collected when you register. Except for this first payment, your credit card, if enrolled for Auto-Pay will be charged on the first business day of each month of the season (September – June).
  3. For alternative payment options, such as One-Time Payment (save 10%), please contact us after you have registered, and we will bill you for the remaining amount(s).
  4. You will be asked to provide your credit card information via “Autopay” when you register. Your credit card info will be stored securely and will only be used to process monthly fees and the additional fees listed above. You may supply post-dated cheques, pay with cash, e-transfer or paypal if you prefer.
  5. Withdrawals from full-term enrollment must be received no later than November 1. One-third of the full season’s tuition is non-refundable.
  6. If you face financial barriers, please check out our scholarship and bursaries information.