Recreational Youth


Our preschool dance programs for 3 to 5 year olds are designed to instill the love of dance in children by teaching them in a fun and positive environment by qualified and caring instructors. Classes are divided by age allowing a preschool student to grow and develop their skills. Students will perform in the year-end recital. The classes are an adventure in learning and fun with songs, games, and dance steps.

3 year old Tap: 30 min class once a week focusing on the fundamentals of tap dance.
4-5 year old Tap: 45 min class once a week focusing on the fundamentals of tap dance.


Easy as 1 -2 -3! Students will be placed according to age and ability to ensure that the basics are taught properly and effectively. Once students demonstrate the ability to execute skills with clarity and musicality they will be moved through the levels. Once they have completed the levels, students will have the option to be a part of our Youth Competition classes.

Level 1: 1 hour class once a week focusing on the fundamentals of tap dance.
Level 2: 1 hour class once a week focusing on the fundamentals of tap dance at a faster tempo.
Level 3: 1 hour class once a week with more complexity.


Introduces keen novice and intermediate dancers to a level of training that is designed to form strong technique skills to get those clean sounds. Dancers will work to develop performance skills and technique with a great choreographed routine for the year end show.

Offerings for teens include tap, jazz, and hip-hop.

More advanced dancers may be interested in our competitive program.


1 hour a week for dancers 8-11, 11-17, and 15 and up.

Hip-hop is a diverse dance form with a vivid history. It includes a wide range of styles including breaking, locking, and popping. Hip-hop involves precision, energy, and musicality. Appropriate for students of all ages, and for recreational and competitive programs. This class will provide a stimulating dance education as well as great party moves.

1 hour a week for dancers 6 – 17.

The student will acquire the foundation of proper alignment, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and musicality. This class is geared towards working on moderate to complex step patterns, progressions, and creative style. Beginner through Senior Jazz options are open to all youth 11-17, based on the  level of experience. Level 1 Jazz is offered to younger children based on age.

In the “Stretch” component of Jazz and Hip Hop, students will gain the foundation of proper alignment, strength, flexibility, and coordination through stretching and targeted conditioning exercises for dancers.

1 hour a week available to dancers 7-13.

A great class for students of all ages and levels. Students will learn to perform basic dance technique while singing and acting. From Glee, to Smash, to High School Musical, this class will take you on an exciting musical theatre journey that will introduce to all the joy of song, dance, and theatrics!

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