Competitive and Performance


New! Mini TapCo Classes _mg_0157will introduce students to performance, competitions, and a taste of the TapCo repertoire. This program advances into pre-TapCo or TapCo (by audition) or into the Junior Competitive stream.

Placement by audition or teacher recommendation.


Youth Performing Ensembles

_mg_0201TapCo is a unique performance development program, consisting of weekly rehearsals (3 hours) and culminating in over 15 performances at schools and high-profile events each year, as well as competitions. Find out how it works here.

TapCo’s dancers develop fluency in a range of styles; the company’s diverse artistic portfolio includes pieces commissioned from international guest artists as well as our traditional repertoire. Alongside dance development, students hone skills and knowledge of story-telling, scene study, and tap history. This year, TapCo students will work with our Artist in Residence.

Pre-TapCo is an introductory performance program which feeds into TapCo.

Pre TapCo: 10+

TapCo: 12+

Admission to Pre-TapCo and TapCo is by audition only.


(Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)

img_0141This program has been designed to give you a well-rounded education and a foundation for success in future dance teaching or performance.

Students will be working the Artist in Residence for 2.5 hours a week honing their technical, improvisational, and performance skills.

In addition to their choreography class, all competitive students are required to take tap technique and a stretch class of their choice (jazz or hip hop option), or demonstrate equivalent enrollment at another dance school. Technique and Stretch classes are open to non-competitive students.


(Intermediate & Senior)

Returning to VanTap roots, our Competitive Stream now offers an all-boys’ choreography class taught by our Artist in Residence, geared to dancers at intermediate and senior levels. Students in the Boys’ Tap Project are required to take a technique class and a stretch class. Participation by audition or recommendation of the teacher.

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