Our Mission

img_5594Vancouver Tap Dance Society is a non-profit organization that strives to be an innovative leader in the promotion and preservation of tap dance and is dedicated to developing an awareness of this art form. VanTap’s mandate includes:

  1. Dance Academy: dozens of classes for all ages.
  2. Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival: our annual festival dedicated to spreading the joy of tap dance and providing dancers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from many internationally-renowned tap dancers, and stellar performers.
  3. TapCo: our professional youth performance ensemble.
  4. Outreach Program: provides classes to hundreds of children each year in local schools.

Hallmarks of VanTap include our professional faculty, a commitment to preserving the legacy of the tap masters, and high profile performance and training opportunities, focusing on developing technical prowess.

The Vancouver Tap Dance Society was co-founded by Lana Caputi and Sas Selfjord in 1995. Being a hub for tap dancers is an artistic and operational challenge, and the Society has grown and thrived through the efforts of our many dedicated staff, faculty, and volunteers. The Vancouver Tap Dance Society is committed to spearheading projects to promote tap dance to the public, including bringing international shows to the Vancouver stage. We deliver comprehensive training opportunities from novice to professional dancers and provide the infrastructure needed to share the art of tap dance with the community.

What is a Non-Profit Society?

As you may know, the Vancouver Tap Dance Society is a registered non-profit under the Societies Act of BC. Non-profit societies may be formed for specific purposes including for artistic, charitable, and educational purposes. One benefit of being a registered non-profit, is access to additional funding streams of funding that allow the facilitation of the mission of the organization. In our case, the Vancouver Tap Dance Society can promote tap dance as an art form in the community and provide the types of opportunities, offerings, and scholarships that you and/or your dancer enjoys. These additional funding streams allow us to deliver activities without relying solely on fees and provide additional scholarship opportunity.

In order to maintain our registered non-profit status, we must meet a set of requirements under the legislation, including membership approval of financials and the holding of an Annual General Meeting of the membership every year (AGM). The AGM provides a specific time and space for all members or delegate members to vote on resolutions, financials, and have a voice in the direction of our non-profit society.