Executive Director Sas Selfjord Stepping Aside in 2018

Canada’s west coast has developed as a centre for the art of tap dancing, due in large measure to the dedication and creativity of Sas Selfjord. She co-founded the Vancouver Tap Dance Society (VTDS, 1995) with Lana Caputi in which thousands of students of all ages and levels have strapped on tap shoes. Sas spearheaded the purchase of the venerable studio (2011) – and its time-worn maple floors and created the annual Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival, nurturing and growing it for 18 years into one of the premier events of its kind.

“What Sas has done to imprint the VTDS ­ and tap dancing in general ­ in this city, and across the continent, is truly amazing,” says board president, Karen Gram. “Because of her, we have a thriving tap community, with an international presence and a permanent home for tap in the region.”

Noting that timing is essential, especially in tap, Selfjord says: “For more than two decades I’ve been totally immersed in the world of tap dance, enriched by its artistic experience, unique relationships, ongoing learning and personal development. I would not trade or alter a single step of my journey.”

Selfjord is stepping out of her leadership role in June 2018 and the search for someone with the expertise and vision to fill her renowned shoes is underway. The VTDS board is seeking input and creative conversations that will contribute to the succession plan underway, ensuring a smooth transition in leadership change and artistic direction.

VTDS is a non-profit organization that strives to be an innovative leader in the promotion and preservation of tap dance and is dedicated to developing an awareness of the art form.


Karen Gram

President, Vancouver Tap Dance Society

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